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Sporty Black

Sporty Black

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This high waist soft string will wrap your body gently and will disappear under your clothes. Wear it seamlessly during your every-day life and turn it to into a strap-on in just one click with our dildos
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Product Features


All of our panties are made in a mix of elastane and nylon but the internal pad that is at contact with your skin is in soft ipo-allergenic cotton.

The internal pad that holds the pieces it's made in polyuretane foam, this gives structure to hold the accessories, while perfectly adapt to the shape of your body


We recommend to prioritise comfort above all, but if you are between two sizes, a smaller one will provide better grip.

Waist / Hips sizes

S: 68-72 cm / 89-94 cm
M: 73-78 cm / 95-102 cm
L: 79-84 cm / 103-111 cm
XL: 80-88 cm / 112-118 cm
XXL: 89-95 / 119 - 126 cm

Washing instruction


We deliver our strap-on in a discrete post packaging through our carrier partners so that no one will doubt anything. The strap-on will conteined in a nice box that you can keep and use to store your strap-on

Girl body in black lingerie Photo by Dainis Graveris from Unsplash

Your comfortable strap-on in one click

Our panties hide a special insert inside them that allows them to be combined with our accessories, turning them into comfortable harnesses. This soft insert makes the harness more comfortable and prevents the annoyng pain you have on your pubis after using regular dildo harnesses


How does the magnetic system work?

The harness can really hold the pieces?

How should I choose my size?

How can I wash and store the harness?

Can I return the object if I'm not satified?