Our concept


We combine fashion and technology to make modular, stylish and comfortable underwear strapon that leave women the choice on how to enjoy their sexuality

  • Stylish and comfortable beyond compare

    thanks to our styling approach,our harnesses are as comfortable and beautiful as your favorite piece of lingerie —if not, more

  • Simple and fast to put on

    Don’t waste time and skip to the good part! Our innovative system enables you to use all the accessories with a simple click

  • Shared pleasure

    Mental orgasm is nice, but clitoral orgasm is not bad at all either! It is even better to orgasm together!

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Select your style, your size and your favourite colors. There are more than 1000 possible combinations

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  • “I would never buy a harness with a classical dildo again, this is an extremely better system”

    — Roberta

  • “I find it amazing ! Absolutely amazing!”

    — Valentina

  • “The magnetic system is an excellent idea which works surprisingly well, being efficient and even faster than the traditional system”

    — Chiara

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We are our first customers

We are Ilaria and Letizia, founders of Ma-Joie and we identify as lesbian women. We started this journey because we were not able to find a strap-on dildo that was making us feel comfortable in our own bodies. We wanted to move away from the traditional image of strap-ons which is more linked to a stereotyped vision of queer sexuality, than real-life needs. That's why we wanted to create something revolutionary that comfortably fit every body and desires and make them feel as good as their favourite clothes.