We are our first costumers

We are Ilaria and Letizia, founders of Ma-Joie and we identify as lesbian women. We started this journey because we were not able to find a strap-on dildo that was making us feel comfortable in our own bodies. We wanted to move away from the traditional image of strap-ons which is more linked to a stereotyped vision of queer sexuality, than real-life needs. That's why we wanted to create something revolutionary that comfortably fit every body and desires and make them feel as good as their favourite clothes.

We've worked two years with fashion designers and industrial designers to create the first modular strap-on 

Our Manifesto

Do you know the feeling of being perfectly yourself?

The one you have when you're wearing your favorite clothes, you really like yourself in the mirror, you are confident and ready to go out and conquer the world. That moment when you feel so good about yourself that you are perfectly comfortable even in new situations, without feeling the brakes of judgment, feeling free to say what you think and do what you want—that feeling of being in control. In essence, the joy of being who you are.

It'd be nice to feel that way in bed, wouldn't it?

How would that feel to be free to explore your desires without limiting yourself?

We think women should feel comfortable giving pleasure without giving up their own. Couples should enjoy together, without limitations, choosing what makes them feel more comfortable, without giving up feeling sexy.

That’s what “Ma-joie” is:

feeling comfortable in giving pleasure without compromising the pursuit of joy for oneself.

Ma-joie is inspired by Modesta, the main character of the novel "The Art of Joy," written by the Sicilian Goliarda Sapienza.

Modesta and Goliarda are vital women, uncomfortable, immoral for their time, women, in which sensuality and intellect blend and walk through historical and sentimental storms but always protected by their own inner talisman: the art of joy.

Ma-Joie is for everyday heroines.

The Buffy and Xena with no superpowers, the ones who fight every day to be who they are, the ones who dare to live with joy

Supported by our incredible community

Over the last year we've built an engaged community that believed in us at the very beginning of our journey. Thanks to their support, we got the first funding we needed to develop our product. We've built and test the product with them, to make sure that it really addressed their needs

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