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Clitoris stimulator

Clitoris stimulator

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Elevate your intimate experiences with our Internal Stimulators Collection. Expertly designed, each stimulator in this collection not only promises unparalleled pleasure but also seamlessly integrates with our harness lingerie. Thanks to the innovative magnetic design, these stimulators clip onto the harness effortlessly, ensuring a secure fit. But the innovation doesn't stop there. While in use, these stimulators are crafted to stimulate the clitoris through friction, enhancing shared moments and taking pleasure to new heights. Made with 100% body-safe silicone, our stimulators guarantee both comfort and ecstasy, making every encounter unforgettable.

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Product Features


Our clitoris stimulator is made with the highest quality sylicone with a medium hadness


The clitoris stimulator is 4 cm large and 6 cm long, more or less the size of an average palm of the hand

Cleaning Instruction

Clean your toys before and after the use with warm water and neutral soap. Don't use alchol based product


We deliver our strap-on in a discrete post packaging through our carrier partners so that no one will doubt anything. The strap-on will conteined in a nice box that you can keep and use to store your strap-on

Dildo and clitoris stimulators

Take your own pleasure

We've designed this non-penetrative stimulator to let both partner get pleasure while using strap-ons. Double strap-on are often uncofortable for people that don't enjoy to be penetrated, that's why we wanted to offer an alternative to the person who's wearing the strap-on. Clip it magnetically to the harness and start to enjoy

Customer Reviews

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How does the magnetic system work?

The magnets helps you put your dildo in place, then with just a turn, it is safely attached to the harness.
The clitoris stimulator has a magnet hidden inside and it clips to the lingerie-harness thanks to the special pad we've designed and seamless integrated inside our brief-harness

How should I choose my size?

As a reference, the diameter of our dildos correspond roughly to two fingers. As for the length, the L is roughly the size of an open hand, from the tip of the thumb to the tip of the little finger

The harness can really hold the pieces?

YES! You might experience a little bend if you choose a bigger dildo, but this won't impact your performance. The dildo will stay in place no matter what.
The clitoris stimulator is attached to the harness with a magnet and you will hold it with your body. We've tested it and it works in most common positions

How can I wash and store the harness?

The harness can be washed in the washing machine at 30 degrees, it can be stored in a dry place to avoid humidity that can damage the system

Can I return the object if I'm not satified?

You can ask for a refund and return the item. Please bear in mind that we can't re-sell it for hygienic reasons, so be responsible for the environment and ask for a refund and a return only if the product truly doesn't fit your needs