Woman sexting with partner to enhance intimacy

4 advantages of sexting with your partner

We can do it either a casual partner or a more stable one, sexting is a great way to seduce, increase desire, remind your partners moments of your intimacy together, and explore mutual fantasies. Ready to heat up the atmosphere? Let's see together what are the benefits of this practice.


Let's start with the basics: What does it mean "sexting"?

Composed of the words "sex" and "texting," sexting is a broad term for the practice of sending and receiving sexually explicit or suggestive messages via cell phone, computer, tablet, or other digital device. The messages often contain explicit descriptions, memories, and detailed fantasies that might arouse the recipient. The exchange can be purely textual or you can spice it up with voice notes, photos or gifs.

Sexting stimulates and excites our minds and this is reflected in our bodies, generating arousal, increased blood pressure, genital lubrication and dilated pupils! The most erogenous part of us may just be our mind, so let's see together how to stimulate it with the right fantasies.

Let's start with the 4 benefits of sexting


#1 Testing intimacy and fantasies with a new partner.

It happens more and more often to find * propr* partners online using apps such as Tinder, Bumble or the brand newcomer Hinge. Using apps also leaves a lot of uncertainty about the person we might find in front of us, and then one way to start getting to know each other even in intimacy might just be to start a little teasing that is always consenual both before and after the first meetings.

Tip #1 ask if it is okay before starting sharing sexual photos, pictures or thoughts.

Tip #2 use apps created specifically for safe sexting. We suggest Dust app, which refers to what your messages will become after 24h, dust, indeed. In the era of revenge porn protecting your privacy is a priority.


II. Can improving communication in more stable, sexting couples help introduce new practices (strapon, pegging etc..)?

Well the answer is: of course! Sexting in general helps to better communicate our desires, it can help with the soft insertion of new practices by first exercising the imagination and then gradually moving into action. For example, how to let your partners know that you would like to try the strapon? Shyness can get the better of you, and talking about it the first time four-eyed can create some embarrassment on both sides. Here is where our beloved sexting kicks in! We suggest you start by sharing a few links regarding the topic, at the beginning of a relationship for example, introducing the strapon in sexting is a great way to open up and start considering it even in intimacy. And yes, sometimes it is just as simple as that.

Especially in heterosexual couples where pegging is still all wrapped up in unnecessary taboos communicating the desire of using a strapon can obviate initial awkwardness and strengthen couple communication.

III. Exploring sexuality: sexting, vibrators and dildos

Sexting offers the opportunity to explore your sexuality, including fetishes in a safe way. And hey hey, sexting is also a practice that you can do alone! There are apps that allow you to practice sexting, gain self-confidence and explore new fantasies we don't yet feel ready to share with someone. The app is called Slutbox not exactly the most feminist name on earth, but this is what we have! You can make sexting spicier by accompanying it with vibrators or dildos depending on your preference, a little physical aid to the stimulation of your fantasies never hurts! 😉


IV. Stress reduction

Sexting is a great way to warm up before masturbation helping to reduce stress and promoting relaxation, sexual tension gradually increases allowing us to use our most erogenous zone, the mind. During sexual arousal, the release of endorphins, known as natural body chemicals that relieve pain and mood, can help relieve stress and promote feelings of relaxation and well-being.

In short, what are you waiting for? Go and relax, by yourseld or with some company 🙂 🙂


Sexting is a great way to strengthen your relationship or start new ones. By sharing your sexual fantasies, arousing yourself by thinking of your partner, you will feel closer them. The release of hormones and neurotransmitters during sexual arousal plays a significant role in these benefits and can literally help us fall in love and strengthen the bond. It is important to approach sexting with caution, prioritize communication, consent, and safety, and seek additional resources to find the best platform and best practices for sending explicit photos online.

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