Panty-warming waits

Panty-warming waits

Tuesday, lunch break, I take the opportunity to leave the office and go to the post office to pay yet another fine "I'll only be 10 minutes, then I'm going to yoga," I say to myself, but as I walk through the post office door, I realize I won't see the yoga teacher in leggings today. I resign myself to the idea that I will spend my air time watching old people collect their pensions - we are at number 47 and I have 69 - when I cross her gaze. The counter worker is a girl in her thirties, blonde, her gaze seems to have intercepted my thoughts and replied, "I know, tell me about it, I hate the first day of the month."

"I guess, how do you do this job every day?" "it's not so bad, every now and then some beautiful girls come to pay fines" she tells me smiling, and I start to blush.

I then hand her the bulletin and her fingers brush against mine from under the glass, I smile at her embarrassedly and she responds by lifting one corner of her mouth in a mischievous grin. I trace the shape of her fleshy mouth with my eyes and wonder how soft her lips must be. My eyes linger on her exposed neck and toward the opening of her elegant shirt. It is I now who do not contain a grin. Our eyes meet again and I feel a flush rise from my lower belly until I blush. She says to me, "There is something wrong with your bulletin, I think you need to go talk to the office manager," pointing with her head to a door to the right of the counter. I look at her doubtfully, widening my eyes and tilting my head to ask for confirmation, without answering she smiles at me and points to the door again. I then walk briskly toward the door and find myself in a dimly lit hallway. She grabs my wrist and pulls me toward a corner full of files, gently pushing me toward a shelf. I utter a little moan that I am not very proud of, and she laughingly puts her finger over my mouth telling me to be quiet. She approaches slowly, nailing me with her gaze to the shelf of fines. My breathing begins to become labored and my pulse quickens uncontrollably. She doesn't kiss me and let me suffer, instead she comes close to my ear and whispers, "who gave you the fine surely hadn't seen how beautiful you were" I wince and feel the heat turning to wetness between my legs. I ignore all the idiotic thoughts forming in my head and look for the least awkward answer to give:

"If I had known it was so pleasant to pay the fines, I would've taken more."

His lips are even softer than I thought and his warm tongue caresses my neck. My hands venture under her top and caress her soft hips. She does the same, but her fingers slide faster and caress the underside of my breasts, then the side, and then her entire palm contains my breasts. I can't resist any longer and it is I who kiss her and pull her from her pants to come closer to me. She then abandons my breasts to caress my abdomen and then nimbly unbutton my jeans, lowering the zipper. Her hands gently enter from my hips and caressing my buttocks, she lowers my pants a little.

"When with a quick gesture she attaches the dildo to his panties, creating in an instant the strapon he will use on me."
I feel the irrepressible arousal as her hands reach down to my now wet panties. "Can I go inside you?" she whispers again and by now in trepidation I reply


Firmly but gently he lowers my panties a little, then I feel his hand pull away from me to unbutton his pants. Continuing to kiss me, from his back pocket he pulls out a pouch and takes out a soft dildo. I understand his intentions and no longer contain my excitement, I feel a drop running down my inner thigh, when with a quick gesture he attaches the dildo to his panties, creating in an instant a strapon to use on me . I finally feel his fingers caressing my swollen clit, and I forcefully contain a moan. I feel her bring the dildo closer to my vagina, which opens to receive him, when she comes closer still and whispers, "Sixty-nine.." I confusedly mumble a



I awaken from my stupor and find myself sweating and again surrounded by old people. it's my turn and with my heart beating wildly I approach the counter worker with an overwhelming urge to take her to check again one by one those files in the hallway.

I hand her the bulletin smiling, she smiles at me and replies :


"Excuse me?"

"39.90...are you paying by card?"

"Um... yes.... sure there is no mistake?"

"Um... no, it's 39.90"

I enter the pin, keep smiling at her, she looks at the board, regards me impatiently and then shouts



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