3 Ideas for a Hot Valentine's Day

3 Ideas for a Hot Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is the day of lovers, but who said love only comes through romantic dates, flowers and gifts ? Certainly not Queen Miley, who reminds us that we may as well buy ourselves flowers. This year for Valentine's Day we want to give you some ideas to go beyond appearances, and create memories that will bring you closer to your partner, creating intimacy.

Do we really need to do anything for Valentine's Day? 

The answer, is NO. There is no obligation to do anything special or spend money on gifts, what matters is to know what you both want, listen to each other is rule number one, and if you really want to do something, do something meaningful that really makes you a stronger couple.

Be spontaneous 

Not everyone has the same expectations about Valentine's Day. There are those who think it is important that their partner plans something special, or think about giving a gift, and there are those who see Valentine's Day as a consumerist and hypocritical holiday during which it is just more trouble to find a seat in a restaurant. Our advice to get out of this impasse is to try to be as spontaneous as possible, really ask yourself what you would like to do together. Sometimes all it takes is a small gesture to have a wonderful evening.

Communicate your expectations 

Are you the one who cares most about a Valentine's Day with flair? Then communicate it, don't be afraid! The right partner will be able to accommodate your requests! Open communication will match your expectations with reality making it more serene for both... Take the initiative, find compromise, and above all, listen to the needs of your partner. The needs of both are legitimate and should be respected

Valentine's Day: opportunity for new adventures? 

Any day is a good day to try something new as a couple and rekindle the flame, having the excuse of the festivity can be a good opportunity to dare something more in a context other than the everyday. Again, the key is to talk to each other, sometimes to want to "surprise" your partner with something extravagant can perhaps trigger some insecurities that we did not anticipate and thus a good intention may not have the desired effects.

What to do differently on Valentine's Day? 

Whether it is to enhance your intimacy or to try new practices together, carving out space for intimacy can give us a dream Valentine's Day! Let's take a look at some hot date ideas together.

Hot Dates

What better way to get out of monotony than to try something new and a little risque? For example, you could role-play in a Hotel Bar and then get into the action in the room. Kind of like Claire et Phyl from Modern Family becoming Juliana and Clive, hoping it will end less in a huff.

valentine's day_modern family

modern family_valentine's day

 If role-playing games are not your thing, you can try new experiences such as going to see a pole dancing show or finally trying that swingersə club that you have not yet had the courage to experience. Dare with the look, don't be afraid to throw yourself into these new experiences, they will be even better when you can share them with the people you love. Putting yourself in a setting that is not really part of our comfort zone such as a hotel room or a swingers club can give you that forbidden and adventurous feeling that will allow you to let loose by breaking the routine a bit.

Romantic date but with a twist 

Are you a hopeless romantic? Don't worry! We have a spicy date for you too! To surprise your partner, in this case we advise you to give space to what your partner wants and their passions. Have you already named a place youə would like to try? Take time and make a reservation. Are they fond of video games? Surprise them with a themed setting or inside jokes between characters (and why not some daring costumes). For food enthusiasts, why not try a restaurant in the dark, where sight is canceled and all other senses are more stimulated (and maybe take advantage of the darkness for some hot stroking). Is going out for Valentine's Day a hassle? Why not organize a dinner at home, perhaps eating naked on each other, or you can pamper our partner with massages and maybe some dildos or vibrators to experience new sensations?

Try something new 

Take advantage of Valentine's Day to propose something new to your partner and fulfill some fantasy that has been running around in your head for a while.  Whether it's the first time with BDSM practices, or using new sextoys (if you're new to strapons we recommend reading our beginner's guide!), or fulfilling your innermost fantasies we suggest you communicate it to your partner in advance and organize together what's necessary to make a night of firsts with the best of times, whatever they may be. And who said that love is only for two? Why not give your partner a memorable evening by inviting a guest? Valentine's Day is an ideal opportunity to find singles ready for a hot date, or other couples looking for the same.


Valentine's Day is an opportunity to keep love alive in a stable couple, or create even more intimacy between those who have just met. The golden rule is to break free from clichés and really ask yourself what you want and go all the way. Do not load your partner with uncommunicated expectations but decide together, talk about your mutual fantasies and create a situation that allows you to let go and live intensely in the moment. One option is to dare more than usual with unusual and daring dates, but you can also safely stay softer and carve out an intimate moment where you can try new things.This is an opportunity for example to try new sex toys such as strap-ons and explore new practices such as pegging, or why not something with other people. Ultimately, the only rule is that there are no rules, remember that it is a lovers' day but that love everyone does it in their own way.

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